Castle Hall

  • Posted on: 23 February 2014
  • By: afannet

This week's edition of Then & Now goes to Walcott, Iowa. One of the more interesting sights in Walcott is “Castle Hall” Built in 1905, the designer intended to replicate the Balmoral Castle, an old Norman stronghold in Scotland. When first built, the metal panels that cover the framework were gray. Beneath the tower is a basement dungeon that was once the subject of much speculation. Originally the home and business of Doctor Henry Schumacher, his residence was on the second floor, while the pharmacy was on the main floor. Quite the eccentric, Dr. Schumacher kept a pair of plaster of Paris skeletons in the basement dungeon, painted with phosphorescent paint to awe his visitors. After the doctor passed away in 1934, the first floor was used as a beer parlor. While apparently, there is still a dance hall upstairs, the castle today is a private residence. If you would like to see the castle for yourself, drive out Historic Route 6 to Main street in Walcott. head south to Bryant street, and turn left. — in Walcott, IA.