Classic Car Road Trip to Advocate for Historic Highway, Local Shops

  • Posted on: 7 September 2014
  • By: Editor

DES MOINES, Iowa – If you’re a classic car lover, there’s still time to take part in a road trip across Iowa on Highway 6.

The drive isn’t until October, but the Iowa U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association is trying to get the word out now. The goal of the three-day “River to River Retro Road Trip” is to raise awareness of the history of Route 6, and to support small mom-and-pop shops along the way.

Bikers begin ride across Iowa on U.S. Highway 6

  • Posted on: 14 June 2014
  • By: Editor
Motorcyclists head toward U.S. Highway 6 via West Broadway, starting on the 100 Block, Friday morning at the beginning of the River to River Motorcycle Cruise, which was sponsored by the Iowa Division of the Route 6 Tourist Association. The bikers made their way through towns such as Adel and Newton, with Davenport being their final destination.

By Kirby Kaufman
Just remember: Under Iowa law, scooters and mopeds are motorcycles, too.
About 20 people gathered Friday in Council Bluffs in the 100 block of Broadway to begin a ride across Iowa along U.S. Highway 6 as part of the River to River Motorcycle Cruise.
Rodger Freel and his wife, Tami, both of Des Moines, chose to ride a scooter because they had recently switched from motorcycles.

River to River: Iowa's Forgotten Highway 6

What do Bonnie & Clyde, Jesse James, Nancy Drew, John Wayne, Jack Kerouac, Gary Cooper, a meteorite strike, and the inventor of barbed wire have in common? U.S. Route 6 in Iowa takes two-lane motorists from Davenport on the Mississippi to Council Bluffs on the Missouri. Built in one day by 10,000 farmers and businesses across the state, Iowa's Route 6 is part of the second longest transcontinental highway in America.

CPC approves funding for Historic Route 6 signs

  • Posted on: 27 February 2014
  • By: Editor

Historic Route 6ATLANTIC – The Atlantic Community Promotion Commission (CPC) approved $680 in funding during its Thursday meeting to help pay for Historic Route 6 Signs. According to the funding request, the funds would be used “to provide (Historic Route 6) signage within the Atlantic City limits. U.S. Route 6 is the longest transcontinental highway in the U.S., and it goes through Cass County, including Seventh Street in Atlantic.

U.S. Route 6 Goes Cross-Country? Behind the Scenes of a Cross Country Odyssey

Several years ago when my youngest son left for college, I decided to leave as well, if only for a month and a half to drive cross-country on the second longest highway in the U.S., Route 6. Also known as the vaguely communist sounding Grand Army of the Republic Highway, US Route 6 was once the longest road in America, running 3,652 miles through 14 states from Provincetown, MA to Long Beach, CA, but fell to second place (Route 20 is longer) after California renumbered its highways in 1964.