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What do Bonnie & Clyde, Jesse James, Nancy Drew, John Wayne, Jack Kerouac, Gary Cooper, a meteorite strike, and the inventor of barbed wire have in common? U.S. Route 6 in Iowa takes two-lane motorists from Davenport on the Mississippi to Council Bluffs on the Missouri. Built in one day by 10,000 farmers and businesses across the state, Iowa's Route 6 is part of the second longest transcontinental highway in America. "River to River: Iowa's Forgotten Highway 6" guides viewers on a nostalgic classic car journey through yesterday's soda shops, filling stations, general stores, drive-ins, and roadside attractions. Experience the sights and sounds, the people and the places that the four-lanes have forgotten...before they are gone forever. From award-winning filmmakers Kelly & Tammy Rundle and inspired by the Highway 6 research and photography of David W. Darby.

Several years ago when my youngest son left for college, I decided to leave as well, if only for a month and a half to drive cross-country on the second longest highway in the U.S., Route 6. Also known as the vaguely communist sounding Grand Army of the Republic Highway, US Route 6 was once the longest road in America, running 3,652 miles through 14 states from Provincetown, MA to Long Beach, CA, but fell to second place (Route 20 is longer) after California renumbered its highways in 1964. US Route 6 now officially ends in Bishop, CA - a colorful Eastern Sierra's town rich in murals and mules - but I also intended to retrace Historic Route 6 from Bishop to Long Beach and include that portion, too, in a mile by mile Route 6 guidebook.

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The Route 6 River to River Classic Car Road Trip is taking place this weekend and the first overnight stop for participants will be in Newton on Friday.
“The Newton Convention & Visitors Bureau is excited once again to welcome the U.S. Route 6 Tourist Association to Newton” Newton CVB Executive Director Linda Bacon said. “Route 6 has been coming to Newton for the last few years and their presence gets a little larger every year; and we were able to partner them with the South Skunk Blues Society and the Thunder Nites in Newton for this and future trips.”

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